A Tobias House consumer sits by his desk in his corporate office downtown.
I work full-time, with workplace support from Tobias House.

Services Offered

Supportive housing

Attendant care services to persons with physical disabilities in a supportive housing environment.

Attendant outreach services

On a fee for service basis, supports provided at the workplace, conferences, schools, and meetings.

Nurturing assistance

Help for parent(s) with any child care activities that, due to physical limitations, they cannot do independently.

Tobias House Resource Centre

  • assistance to individuals with physical disabilities in Toronto with self-advocacy, resource counseling, and workshops/social events
  • the Centre collaborates with other agencies in program development
  • the Barrier Free Access to Swimming Program, offered at four city public pools, in partnership with the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Department
  • funded in part by a grant from the City of Toronto, and Tobias House fundraising efforts