A Tobias House Barrier Free Access to Swimming client is being helped into a flotation device by an attendant.
I can get changed, and in and out of the pool - something most people take for granted - with help from the Barrier Free Access to Swimming Program.

Keep On Swimming 2014

Welcome to Keep on Swimming 2014, the Tobias House Attendant Care Inc. annual fundraising campaign in support of three vital consumer programs: the Barrier Free Access to Swimming Program, the Tobias House Consumer Grant Program, and the Tobias House Fitness Program.

We have been running these programs for a number of years. They have been designed and created to add to our consumers’ quality of life and alleviate some of the challenges they are faced with in their daily living:

  • Lack of opportunities – Many of our consumers are people with considerable physical disabilities who require attendant care support and specialized equipment to participate in recreational activities and physical exercise (for which there is no extra funding).
  • Income disparity – Most of our consumers are on fixed disability income, which limits their access to the products and services that most able-bodied persons take for granted.

We anticipate that during the 2014/2015 fiscal year, our expenses in support of these programs will be $25 000. We are looking to raise $30 000, which will also allow us to replace some of the overused and deteriorating aquatic equipment.

We owe our success to people like you, who value what we do, and recognize the needs of the population we support. Donating to our fundraising efforts makes a world of difference to our consumers.

Thank you for giving.