Why Give?

To help level the playing field for persons with physical disabilities.

Tobias House Attendant Care Inc.  assists individuals with physical disabilities to lead independent lives in their local communities. Our basic services are funded by the Ministry of Health, through the Central Local Health Integration Network (CLHIN), but are often not sufficient to meet all the individual needs of our consumers. In response to this, Tobias House actively fund-raises to assist our consumers when no other avenue for funding exists.

The Tobias House Grant Program, which aims to facilitate greater independence and dignity for our clients, is completely supported by our fundraising efforts. In the past it has purchased essential assistive devices such as:

  • environmental controls (to control lights, telephone, and television)
  • computer technology, such as voice-activated computer software
  • state of the art mobility equipment

Since 2001, Tobias House fundraising has supported much needed additional services for our consumers and physically disabled adults across Greater Toronto via the Tobias House Resource Centre. The services of the centre include:

  • information and referrals
  • advocacy support
  • educational and employment support
  • the Barrier Free Access to Swimming Program
  • the Tobias Fitness Program
  • the Volunteer program

These services help break down barriers and challenge restrictive concepts that limit the full participation of persons with physical disabilities in our community, and can transform the life of someone with a physical disability.