A Tobias House consumer and her daughter by a window in their apartment.
I can raise my daughter on my own, with help from Tobias House.

Who Can Live Here

Who is eligible for support services from Tobias House?

  • you are 16 years of age, unless a parent or guardian provides direction
  • you have service requirements that can be met while residing at home
  • you understand the nature of your disability and its impact on your ability to carry out the essential activities of daily living
  • you are aware of the type of support services you require and when, how much, and how assistance should be provided
  • you are capable of training, or arranging for training, and communicating with ILAs (Independent Living Assistants)

What do Consumers need to know about Self-directed Support Services?

  • WHAT you want done
  • WHEN you want the task performed
  • HOW you wish the task to be performed